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Team Problem Solving  

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Creating a "Spot the Differences Puzzle" with Microsoft Paint

You have created a “Find the Differences” puzzle by hand. Now it’s time to create one online.

1. Find a picture or photograph to use.

2. Copy the image

3. Open Microsoft Paint

4. Paste the image.

5. Save it as “Original Puzzle Picture”

6. Adjust your picture

7. Save it as “Changed Puzzle Picture.”

8. Print both on one paper.


    Hints for Working Well as a Team


    Group Roles

    Learning Styles


    During this webquest you will first determine your main learning style(s) using an online survey. You will document your findings and write a short reflection on what you found. Next you will work with other students to develop a brief project that details the group’s findings. You can create a slide presentation or a brochure for your team project. The completed group project will be shared with your classmates.


    This webquest includes two components. One component you will complete on your own. The other will be a team exercise.

     DAY ONE


    1. Go to the following site and complete the learning style survey.
    2. Open a blank Google document.  Call it "Learning Styles." You will paste the results of the survey into this document.
    3. Read the information about your learning style and then paste it into your document.  Next click on “View All of the Learning Styles.” Read.

    Answer the Following:

    1. What is your learning style?
    2. Were you surprised at the result? Why or why not?
    3. What impact will knowing your learning style have on your future learning? (In other words, what will you do differently to ensure your learning experiences are more effective?)
    4. What impact could differing learning styles have on how you tackle future presentations and projects?
    5. If you can ... print your paper.  If you can't share it - raymondr



    1.     Meet at a table to share your learning styles with each other.

    2.     Get ready to prepare a presentation about learning styles and their impact on teamwork.  Read the guidelines, and then talk about who will do what.

     3.   Go to the computers and open Google Slides.


    For your presentation:

    A.  Each person should make a slide that describes their learning style(s). They should also include study tips for that learning style. (One slide for each person)


    B. Then, as a group, create three additional slides to answer the questions below:


    1. How can knowing the learning styles of the group members help the group to figure out who will do what for a project?

    2. How can knowing the learning style of each team member help communication among members?

    For Example:
    If one person is having trouble listening, but they are a great visual learner, how might you get them to work better with the group?

    3. How did knowing each other's learning styles help the group to work on this project?  (Who did each task?  Why?) 

    Your group should also make a title slide.



      Introductory PowerPoint


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